Sawmill Services and Slabs

Our Mission is to design and build professional quality products
utilizing 100% salvaged logs and reclaimed lumber,
while helping rejuvenate Ontario's forests!

In support of Our Mission, we will develop and participate in 
tree reforestation programs and community programs!



We design and build professional quality products!  Let your imagination

run wild!


We will plant 2 trees for every log salvaged

in support of our Tree 2 Trees Reforestation Program. 


Let's do our part to give back to our communities

by doing business in a sustainable manner,

and help rejuvenate Ontario's forests.


FREE Log and Lumber Salvage

We offer free pick up of qualifying logs and reclaimed lumber.

Contact us if you have a tree or lumber that you

want removed in a sustainable manner.

Custom Milling

We customize the size and thickness of boards and slabs to meet your project requirements, and imagination.

Kiln Drying

Our Kiln uses controlled heat and dehumidification to dry wood to the desired moisture content. 


our Cutting Board 


A Little Goes A Long Way!

Don't throw out your cutting boards! Turn your high quality, worn,warped, split boards into professionally refinished boards! We will fix, re-glue, plane and finish with a high quality board treatment! Donate your used boards - we will refinish and donate to people in need in our community! Introducing our Cutting Board Community Program!


Tree 2 Trees

We will plant 2 trees for every log we salvage, to help offset our carbon footprint and to make a positive impact on our environment!


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