How It All Started!

It started with a squirrel chewing a walnut on our new deck, making a wee mess.  We purchased our 8.5 acre property complemented with a "huge" pile of logs that were previously cut down.  After researching the type of wood, thanks to the assistance of our furry friend, we came to realize the logs sitting patiently on our property were mostly Black Walnut, wide logs, perfect for slabs.

After realizing the value of this unprocessed limited commodity, we bought a portable sawmill to "slab" the wood.  This led us into building a "solar kiln" to help dry the wood.  Which has led us into building a professional wood drying dehumidification kiln.

Thanks to our forest creature, we now own and run a small business capable of salvaging logs, custom milling, kiln drying, and product sales.  We hope you enjoy our story, progress and growth. 


Cheers our forest loving friends! 


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