We're on a mission to build the BEST, FUNCTIONAL, BEAUTIFUL cutting and serving boards out there! Our Bread Boards are engraved with a FDA approved food safe epoxy. Impress your friends!


Maple Bread Serving Board with Epoxy In-lays

**colours may vary slightly from photo



- built-in handles

- FDA approved food safe epoxy in-lays

- boards are treated with our Wood Board Wax (a mixture of food safe mineral oil and organic bees wax)Size:20" x 8" x 1"



- Food Safe Mineral Oil and Organic Bees Wax

- "Our own Wood Board Wax"



- Bread Serving Board

- Small bottle (~4oz) of our Wood Board Wax

- Small cotton cloth (applicator)



- Our boards are shipped in a plain brown box with bubble wrap

Bread Serving Board Maple Bread Board Bread Serving Board Maple Board Bread Boar

Walnut or Maple

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