We're on a mission to build the BEST, FUNCTIONAL, BEAUTIFUL cutting boards out there!  Our Premier Edge Grain Walnut Cutting Board is reversible.  The top is for CARVING and capturing the juices from your roast, whole chicken, etc.  Add the juice to your gravy or sauce (not on the counter of floor)!  The back is for CHOPPING and all your food prep!


Large Edge Grain Walnut Cutting Board!  This board features trips of African Padauk, Mahogany, and Cherry!  One-Of-A-Kind!


- built-in handles for ease of lifting and moving (juice groove side)
- juice grooves and juice pocket
- large format for all your food prepping needs
- 2 sides to every board
- boards are treated with our Wood Board Wax (a mixture of food safe mineral oil and organic bees wax)
- strips include Cherry and Mahogany


24" x 17" x 1.5"


- Food Safe Mineral Oil and Organic Bees Wax - "Our own Wood Board Wax"


- Large Edge Grain Walnut Cutting Board
- Small bottle (~4oz) of our Wood Board Wax
- Small microfibre cloth (applicator)


- Our boards are shipped in a plain brown box with bubble wrap

Walnut Cutting Board Walnut Board Carving Board Chopping Board 24x17x1.5

SKU: CB-WS-JG-24X17X1.5