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Sawmill and Slabs Woodworking Inc.

Professional Boards  -  Functional Boards  -  SAUCY BOARDS!

Laser Engraving!

Board Juice In Your Sauce!  Not On The Counter!

Our Little About Us

We are passionate about building "stuff", especially with wood. 


Todd was raised on the east coast of Canada by 2 loving and caring parents, who for many years lived off the land, so-to-speak, and had a huge respect for our precious environment.  We share the same values.

  Todd's mom has always been in the kitchen, cooking for friends and family, and even strangers at times.  Todd got the cooking bug and gene from his mom, which is probably why most of our products are kitchen centric.  Not to mention he started a cooking blog a few years ago.  Go check it out at www.cookandrenovate.com!

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we love making them!

Todd and the Sawmill and Slabs Woodworking Team