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Salvaged Logs to Beautiful Products


Salvaging Logs and Reclaimed wood

Our business is focused on utilizing salvaged logs and reclaimed wood for processing.  Processing includes custom milling, kiln drying, and crafting professional quality products.  In most cases, we provide FREE log salvaging and reclaimed wood services!  Contact us for details!


Custom Milling

Using our state-of-the-art portable sawmill, we custom cut logs up to 28" wide.  For logs over 28", we use our portable chainsaw mill to tackle the "big-ins"!


Wood Kiln Drying

Our wood drying dehumidification kiln can dry up to 1000 board feet of lumber, up to 10' lengths.  We dry our lumber to 6 - 8% moisture content, depending on future storage and use of the wood.


Products Sales

We craft wood products from our salved logs and reclaimed wood, when possible.  See our product section for available products to purchase.  How about a "Wall Mounted Potato Cutter with a Black Walnut Accent Slab"?


NEW!  Refurbishing Professional Cutting Boards

Don't Throw Out Your Cutting Board!  We fix up your tired, split, warped cutting boards.  We will re-plane, re-surface, and re-seal your board to a pristine product!  

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