Sweet Honey Bee Rancy

Honey Bees Are Awesome!

Our mission with Beekeeping is to continually expand, develop and grow our Apiary Farm into a professional agriculture organization, providing for and helping grow the worlds honey bee population, and producing quality honey based products to our clients. 


Our Story

Todd got the "bug" to raise honey bees roughly 3 years ago.  He quickly planted the "seed" with his wife Lisa.  Initially it wasn't well received, primarily because honey bees generally get "grouped" into the over insect world as "dangerous".  You know, stings!  So it took some negotiating!

Well, after 3 years, Lisa gave the green.  Todd was on a mission.  In May of 2021, he purchased 8 colonies, studied beekeeping books and online videos, attended training sessions with local beekeepers, and dove in head first!  The rest is history!

Follow your dreams - Enjoy the Ride!


Honey Processing

Our 1st Year Harvest and Extraction

We were excited to harvest 55lbs of honey in 2021 - our 1st year!  We used traditional methods to extract the honey including uncapping wax from the frames, centrifugal force extractor, dual screen filter, and warming tank.  An amazing experience I must say!

A Word About Filtering Honey

To ensure the best quality honey and to help maximize the natural benefits of honey, we use a dual screen filter (16 mesh and 30 mesh) to help remove debris (e.g. wax).  Honey is then placed in a warming tank.  The honey is warmed to a temperature of 90 to 100'f for 48 hrs to help any remaining debri "float" to the top of the tank (natural filtration).  The honey is then poured into bottles from the bottom of the tank.  PURE SWEET GOODNESS!